Apr 142011

Short Term is an independently funded web series production. In fact, the entire first season was funded out of the pockets of the creators. The series has already garnered loads of praise leading up to it’s official release, thus prompting the decision to green light  Season 2. However, this costs money, and that’s where you come in…

Equipment rental, crew costs, actors, web hosting, transportation, location fees… (deep breath) These all cost money. By donating, you give us a chance to continue and improve upon what has already been established. With your help, darkly lit corners and muddled audio will become a thing of the past. Not to mention the ability to increase the overall production value of the series tenfold. Just like jobs, people are always going to need a laugh, and with your help, at least we can guarantee there will be plenty of those to go around.

Visit our Indie Go-Go page, http://www.indiegogo.com/shortterm and take around. You’ll note that no donation is without reward. In fact there are several levels of donations, with many different reward options. Rewards range from shout outs on Facebook and Twitter, calls from the cast, insider scoops on season 2, autographed posters, and so much more. Oh, and be sure to tell’em Lloyd sent ya for an extra girthy shout out.

So if your excited about season 2, and you’re looking for a way to help out, we welcome what ever you can offer. That is unless you’re a large company (*cough* Subway) that likes to have your products placed in shows without mercy and are willing to give out sponsorship dollars. Then I say, give us what you got, we have no problem plugging something without reservation like an episode of Chuck. Once again thank you for your time and support.

Now go watch season 1 again.

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