Apr 172012

Short Term would like to congratulate Lisa Marie Hind as our first fan of the month. Lisa (@lizahind) has been one of Short Term’s strongest supporters and biggest fans since the series began last year. Aside from watching and sharing the show, Lisa has also donated to the season 2 Indie GoGo campaign as well submitting a wonderful piece of fan art for season 1 (see below). On top of all that, she’s done it from a different country were English is a second language. Thank you Lisa, for all you do.

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Apr 012012

Still need to catch up on season 2, well, you’re in luck. All six episodes are now online and ready for your viewing pleasure. How can you watch? Well, there are plenty of options. First catch Short Term on our Official Blip page www.blip.tv/shortterm.

Perhaps you want to watch on your mobile device, or maybe even your XBox or Playstation 3. You’re in luck. Subscribe to Short Term on our official YouTube page http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL23045F5F3E01A3D5.

Or maybe you’re an Apple Enthusist, got you coverd. Catch Short Term on iTunes and watch it on any of your iToys, http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/short-term/id430408277.

So there you have it, season 2, for your viewing pleasure. And be sure to check back here (or our Facebook Page) in the coming weeks for news about upcoming happenings and rumors ad news concerning season 3.


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