May 192012

It’s time to announce Short Term’s fan of the month. I know some of you wonder why we wait till the middle of the month to do this, and the simple answer is we didn’t really think it through. Anyway, this month’s lucky fan is Curtis Macon or @cmacon for you Twitter heads out there. Curtis has supported the show from day one. He has shared links, kind words and even a few bucks to help season 2 get funded. Not to mention he is a fellow Atlanta Braves fan. It’s fans like Curtis that make doing something like this worthwhile, thank you Curtis, and we hope you are ready for season 3, because it’s coming. You heard it here first.

Like all Fan of the Month winners, Curtis will receive all he can watch supply of Short Term. Here’s to hoping he never gets full. Oh, and Curtis, as always, GO BRAVES!

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