Emily Button / Karen Channelhorn


Emily Button Born in New York City, Emily is an improviser, actress, voiceover artist and producer. Emily has performed in over fifty plays and films, recurred on NBC’s Days of Our Lives and had the privilege of working with many gifted artists including the great Paul Sills, Mike Nichols and George Morrison. Emily is also the progeny of two professional athletes, which does not at all explain why she became an actress. As a child, Emily always wondered why Goldilocks didn’t buy the cottage and put the 3 bears on payroll…

Karen Channelhorn is the branch manager of the local Short Term Agency. Karen can trace her heritage all the way back to Senator Joseph McCarthy, and she credits that for hard nosed attitude and her no nonsense approach to things. While attending college, Karen’s father lost most of his wealth, thus limiting most of her Career opportunities. Well, that and she’s an incredible snob.


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