Raj Kalra / Naresh Patel


Raj Kalra  Raj Kalra is a brand marketer, singer, improviser and pop culture aficionado with a passion for fashion, food, football and the word, "FESTIVE." He has trained at UCB LA where he studied with Joe Wengert, Brian Finkelstein, Mike Leffingwell and David Harris. Raj has performed in numerous theatrical productions along side pals Lindsey Broad, Katie Flowers and Jessica Mandeville, among others. Favorite roles include: The Lion in The Wiz and Colonel Pickering in My Fair Lady. Raj thanks you for supporting Short Term and any upcoming Mariah Carey projects. 

Naresh Patel is the son of Indian Hotel Mogul Sachin Patel, and though he was born in Bangalore, he has lived most of his life in the United States. Some of Naresh's favorite things include American Idol, Jersey Shore, Justin Bieber, His blog, his Twitter account, his own reflection in the mirror, the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog, a good manicure and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Naresh dreams of one day having his own reality TV show.


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